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Brazilian Politicians Targeted

Brazil: The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has been the victim of a cyber-attack along with 200 other people that are a part of the political establishment of Brazil. The attack targeted the cell phones of the individuals. Brazilian officials have suspects in custody and according to them, the information was leaked because of disagreement on the way of conduct on prominent figures carrying out a corruption investigation in Brazil, known as “Car Wash.” Leaked messages from the cell phones show a mass amount of collusion and information sharing between parties that are supposed to be impartial–such as judges. The president of Brazil stated that he was not worried because he never deals with any nation intelligence on his cell phone. It is believed that the attackers targeted Telegram, which is an encrypted messaging application that people use to share information that is sensitive.

Analyst Notes

At this point, there is no decision on the “Car Wash” prosecution but depending on what happens in the coming weeks, this could play a major role in Brazil and their political situation.