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BusKill Cable Safety Device

When using laptops in a public environment, a thief may attempt a snatch-and-grab of the computer. If a victim is logged into something sensitive, this could pose a serious security risk. Linux system administrator and software engineer Michael Altfield has designed a kill-cord called “BusKill” that can trigger specific actions when it is disconnected from a laptop. This “BusKill” cord can be made for less than $20—it consists of a USB thumb drive, magnetic adaptor, a USB cord, and a carabiner. When assembled and programmed, it connects the laptop to the person using the laptop via the carabiner and if disconnected suddenly, can trigger the computer to lock, shut down or completely wipe the computer of all of its data.

Analyst Notes

This is a very cheap and effective safety device for people that use their computers in public spaces. In conjunction with this, anyone who connects to public WIFI should use a VPN to mask their data from potential attackers. It is a good practice to never connect to public networks and to use some sort of private hotspots such as smartphones or dedicated hotspot devices.

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