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Cameras Being Promoted by Amazon are Found to Have Security Risks

Independent testing of six wireless cameras being promoted and sold by Amazon revealed some disturbing results. All of the devices that were analyzed were easily hackable due to weak passwords and unencrypted data which makes it possible for an unauthorized party to overtake the camera and view inside homes and businesses of the victim. One camera specifically has an Amazon Choice label which means it has been purchased often and received good reviews. However, there is a review on the Amazon Choice labeled Victure Camera that goes for $35.99 which states, “Someone spied on us, they talked through the camera and they turned the camera on at will. Extremely creepy. We told Amazon. Three of us experienced it, yet they’re still selling them.” Amazon has not yet addressed these issues even though many entities have reached out to them with concern about the security of these products. The lack of quality control and vetting of these products on Amazon’s part is concerning, as consumer security should be one of the company’s main concerns. The researchers who made these discoveries have reached out to Amazon for comment but have not received a response.

Analyst Notes

Any user who has purchased a security camera from Amazon is suggested to look further into the product themselves. Many devices often come with standard passwords from the manufacturer. If possible, users should change that password immediately upon receiving the item. Reviews of the product should be read and analyzed for negative comments about security. If a security lapse is discovered by a user, they should report it to Amazon and the company that created the camera and stop using the device until further notice.