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Canadian Rental Car Company Targeted by DarkSide Ransomware

Canadian Discount Car and Truck Rentals has been targeted by the threat actors behind the DarkSide ransomware gang. The hackers claim to have stolen 120GB of data from the company. The company has 300 locations across Canada, which we all impacted by the attack. The company stated they isolated and contained the attack quickly and were working on restoring services. Data stolen includes marketing, finance, baking, account, and franchise data. Proof has been posted to the DarkSide leaks site operated by the threat group.

Analyst Notes

In October 2020, the DarkSide ransomware group decided to donate $20,000 to a charity, all of which was money that was stolen from other companies. Furthermore, in January 2021, BitDefender released a decryptor that allowed victims to recover their files for free, without paying the ransom. According to the DarkSide ransomware group, the BitDefender decryptor worked for about 40% of their victims, and they have since fixed the flaw in the ransomware, rendering the free decryptor useless. Every industry is at risk from ransomware operators and all companies should be taking the proper steps to defend themselves. Binary Defense suggests pairing anti-virus solutions with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and a continuous monitoring and response service such as the managed security service that is offered at Binary Defense. This along with other measures like employing phishing training and awareness can give organizations the best chance at defending their data. Having a regular backup schedule and disaster recovery plan are both important for organizations to get back to full operation quickly if an attack occurs.

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