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Chase Bank Phishing Scam

A new phishing email scam, directed at Chase Bank customers, has a new twist. Most scammers only ask for personal login information, this new scam is asking the user to upload a selfie and photos of the front and back of the identification card of the user. The email starts by saying that there is an issue with the account and directs the victim to a rather convincing landing page. It then asks the user for login credentials and finally to upload the photos. If the user does input all the information, then the scammer has all the information necessary to completely take over an identity. Asking someone to upload their ID is not uncommon. Usually, it is used when creating accounts, transferring large sums of money or to legally purchase cryptocurrency.

Analyst Notes

If a suspicious email is received, the user should verify the website address. The URL the phishing address that is being used is “” Chase Bank only uses pages. If the user receives this email, he should forward it to [email protected] and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) [email protected].