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China Believed to be Behind Attack on Multiple Companies

China: German companies such as Siemens, Henkel, Roche, and BASF have all been targeted by cyber-attacks. German media reports initially came out with speculation that was confirmed by the companies on Wednesday. The attackers used a malware called “Winnti,” which was created and used by Chinese actors. The malware allows attackers to remotely access someone’s computer network. All of the companies stated that the attackers did not manage to steal any sensitive information. Winnti has been seen targeting large corporations in the past such as Bayer when a successful attack was carried out. During past attacks, the malware was successful in compromising companies and stealing information. However, the companies have not confirmed that China is responsible for the attacks, and just because the malware has been linked to China, does not mean it has not been leaked and is now being used by other actors.