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China Suspected in Massive Cyber-Attack on Australian Parliament

China: The Australian government announced this morning that the Australian Parliament has suffered a massive cyber-attack.  Details of exactly what was accessed is still unknown at this time; all that has been said so far is that Parliamentary systems were accessed by an unknown actor and that all users have been forced to update their credentials.  A spokesman has also made claims that the level of sophistication and the scope of the attack would require such a massive amount of support assets that only a state-sponsored actor is believed to have been capable of carrying out the attack.  Australia and China have had degrading diplomatic ties for the past two years following accusations by the Australian government that China was attempting to influence Australia’s domestic affairs.  Over the past several years, China has been believed to have been behind a number of attacks on multiple government agencies in Australia.  At this time China, has yet to respond to Australia over this attack on Parliament.