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Chinese Central Authority on the Verge of Moving into Hong Kong

China: Following a sit-in protest in Hong Kong’s airport, which forced them to shut down, central authorities found their chance to start taking action. Flights were stopped, both incoming and outgoing, unless passengers were already checked in or en route to the airport. The sit-in was in retaliation for Hong Kong police shooting a girl in the face with a bean bag round, causing facial deformity and blindness in one eye. Central authorities have started calling these protests and riots acts of terrorism. This language used by them allows Chinese military personal to move in because terrorism is handled by central authorities and not Hong Kong police forces. By using this language, central authorities have now laid the framework for them to move the Chinese Military into Hong Kong and start taking control of the situation. The Peoples Liberation Army has been staged at Shenzhen, believed to begin moving into Hong-Kong sometime this week.

Analyst Notes

The event at the airport has now exploded the situation in Hong-Kong to an international affair, partially why central authorities are so adamant to go in and take control. Because of this move by central authorities, some people may still believe that it is not their right to move into Hong Kong with military personal and due to this, there could be cyber-attacks following this move, showing the disagreement with central authorities.