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Chinese Nationalists Attack Amazon for Selling Pro-Hong Kong Shirts

China: Unknown Chinese actors have targeted Amazon in a recent attack, affecting the sale of t-shirts that included pro-Hong Kong sayings on them. The attacker(s) are assumed to be Chinese Nationalists who were upset with Amazon selling the shirts on their U.S. and UK marketplaces. The attackers reported the seller’s accounts and even found a way to get into the accounts and change the pictures of the shirts to Chinese flags. Comments posted along with the flags stated that anyone who offends China will eventually be punished.  Most of the accounts have been restored to normal or made unavailable by the time of this writing. Amazon had previously pulled its marketplace in China but still have a strong cloud presence. Many people showed displeasure with Amazon for selling the shirts in support of Hong Kong and this could affect the company’s cloud market.

Analyst Notes

The fight between Hong Kong and China has now spilled over to a new front and because of this, we will likely see more of the confrontation begin to be displayed over the internet.