Latest Threat Research: LetMeowIn – Analysis of a Credential Dumper

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ChucklingSquad Still targeting Social Media Accounts of Celebrities

ChucklingSquad: The group who has been using SIM swapping attacks to take over the social media accounts of celebrities and forced Twitter to disable tweeting from SMS messaging has targeted their latest victim on Instagram. Switching from posting Nazi support messages and other questionable comments, the group has now begun to target the high-profile accounts in order to share spam links, offering to give away a free phone, Tesla, or any other expensive device. The group also shared links on the compromised pages that took users to a fake survey, with the purpose of collecting personal information of individuals.

Analyst Notes

The group will likely be collecting the information from the surveys and then using it to send other forms of scams whether it be through email or phone. The odds that a celebrity would post something about giving away something expensive to their followers are usually low, meaning that if they do post something like that it is a scam and no information should be handed out when something like this is seen.