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Clipper Cryptocurrency Stealing Malware

A new crypto-jacking malware by the name of Clipper has been observed recently. Clipper takes advantage of the copy and paste feature on the targeted user’s device. The malware waits for its victim to copy a crypto wallet address and then will replace the paste value with the wallet address of the attacker. Some believe that similar malware has been used on Windows devices since around 2017, but researcher Lukas Stefanko discovered this particular strain early in 2019. Stefanko says the most common infection vector is fake or infected apps on the play store.

Analyst Notes

When dealing with cryptocurrency, it is always important to double-check the wallet address if it is being copied and pasted. Lukas Stefanko also suggests avoiding using the Windows AI, Cortana, as it has keylogging abilities and could be taken advantage of by attackers.
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