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Credit Card Information of US Troops Stationed in South Korea May Have Been Stolen

It is yet to be determined who is responsible for the hack that compromised over one million credit card records in May, but it is likely US troops based in South Korea have been affected. What is known, however, is that around 38,000 of the cards that were included are US-issued and one of the organizations that were potentially affected is a credit union that has accounts open at South Korean US Air Forces bases. With roughly 23,000 U.S. soldiers in South Korea, the Major Cybercrime Unit-Korea belonging to the Army stated with “medium confidence” that they believe members of the military were affected. Furthermore, the Army has informed the troops and suggestions as to how they should handle the situation if they believe they’ve been affected. Efforts have been made to educate servicemembers on how they can better protect their information, with the Marine Corps even implementing a “Cyber Hygiene” portion in their training and the Navy has even talked about punishing members who do not practice proper cyber habits.

Analyst Notes

If users believe they have been affected, they should immediately contact the three major credit bureaus and report their situation. Credit fraud holds can be placed on their accounts so no further activity can be carried out.