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Critical Intel AMT Flaw Patched

Intel has released their September 2020 platform update addressing nine security vulnerabilities detailed over five security advisories. One of the flaws addressed is within Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) platform. AMT is a remote management platform designed to manage machines with certain Intel processors through the network, independent of the operating system. INTEL-SA-00404 is an advisory warning of a possible escalation of privilege due to “improper buffer restrictions” in AMT’s networking implementation. All versions before 11.8.79, 11.12.79, 11.22.79, 12.0.68 and 14.0.39 are affected by this flaw. Even in cases where AMT is available but not configured, authenticated users with local access may still be able to escalate privileges.

Analyst Notes

Intel’s INTEL-SA-00404 advisory notes that older versions of the AMT platform (3.X – 10.X) were not tested for the flaw and that there is no current plan to update these versions. Binary Defense highly recommends following Intel’s advice to upgrade to the latest version of the AMT platform which is provided by the system’s manufacturer.