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Cyber-Attacks on Pakistan More Widespread Than Originally Reported

India (Team I Crew): Yesterday it was reported that two Pakistani websites were targeted by India hackers following increased tensions in the Kashmir region.  We now know that those two attacks were only a small portion of a much larger campaign.  It has been further reported that over 200 Pakistani websites were either taken offline or defaced by the Team I Crew from India.  Team I Crew is viewing the actions of Pakistani militants on February 14th as a much more significant terrorist attack than originally believed.  On February 14th a Pakistan-based terror group known as Jaish-e-Mohammed carried out an attack in the Palwama district which killed 40 members of India’s security forces in the region and is being called the deadliest attack on Indian forces in recent history.  Many of the defaced websites contained messages reading “We will never forget #14/02/2019,” “Dedicated to the martyrs sacrificed their lives in #PulwamaTerrorAttack,” and messages of condolence to the family members of the security forced killed in the attack.  While the majority of the websites targeted by Team I Crew were owned and operated by the Pakistani government, there were also civilian websites targeted as well–including educational websites and resources in Pakistan.  This is another example of how grievances against a specific group or government can easily spill over into the civilian, educational, and business realm online as cyber-activists of all types attempt to push their message to the world.