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Cybersecurity Job Postings Increased by 40% in the Last Year

A recent joint study published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the infosec educational nonprofit organization CompTIA, and job market analytics firm Emsi Burning Glass indicated that demand for cybersecurity positions in the United States increased by 40% over the prior year, with approximately half of the increase occurring between January and April 2022. Employers added 714,000 postings for cybersecurity roles during the 12-month period ending in April 2022. Postings for IT managers and directors rose 224% year-over-year and postings for program managers rose 169%, while postings for software developers and engineers rose 92% during the same period.

Analyst Notes

As Bob Meindl, CEO of Binary Defense, said recently, “If you start at the macro level, the challenges in the global landscape, from a geopolitical perspective, from a threat perspective, and from a macroeconomic perspective, all elements are coming together now to continue to ramp up the threat landscape. That, coupled with the challenge and shortage of qualified talent for organizations to go out and hire and build their own security operations center, is really exacerbating the need for outsourcing managed detection and response capabilities.”
Continued geopolitical threats increase the threat level for organizations at every scale of cybersecurity maturity and at every size and importance, due to the fact that compromise of trusted partners, vendors, and suppliers is a major avenue of attack as perimeter defenses continue to improve. Moreover, the responsibility of organizations for both reporting requirements and liability is swiftly changing due to bipartisan legislation and regulations currently being drafted or already in place. A defense in depth strategy that utilizes the concentrated skills and resources of a managed security provider, such as the MDR, SOC, and Threat Hunting services provided by Binary Defense, is a critical element for organizations that lack the resources to build a team that can fully respond to the modern threat environment.