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Deceased Patients Medical Records Being Sold

Research has uncovered a cache of records belonging to 140 million medical patients, which include credit card information. It is believed to be the result of continued medical data breaches and cyber criminals exploiting the fact that the dead cannot report identity theft. “I have a fresh US medical database including nearly 140 million records,” one vendor wrote in a dark web listing, 60,000 of which belonged to dead patients. The information contained SSN’s, home addresses, phone numbers, and even the insurance providers.  The price of the data is listed as $2 per record in batches of 100, going down to $0.60 per record if bought in batches of 1,000. This gives all 140 million records a potential value of $280 million. Along with the financial fraud, this could also give attackers the ability to redirect prescriptions to alternate addresses and also schedule appointments on other health care plans.