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DNA Testing Websites Taking Initiative to Better Protect and Secure

Popular family tree sites have been prone to large data beaches as of late. In December, on a server, 300,000 e-mail addresses, passwords, and usernames were found with 7,000 of these belonging to active account holders. Less than half a year later, 92 million users were victims to the largest data breach since Equifax. Consumer Genetic Testing Services have formed a collective to lessen the chances of these breaches happening in the future. The policy that has been put into place makes an effort to control when information can be transferred and used. Along with controlling the movement of information, these sites must provide clear-cut, step-by-step information as to how they collect and share your data, as well as what exactly they do with it. “The Best Practices recognize that genetic data is sensitive information that warrants a high standard of privacy protection,” said Carson Martinez, policy fellow at FPF. It is important that this policy is followed through and information is more secure in the future .