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Ecuador Taking A Beating in OpAssange

NewSec Group, an offshoot of Anonymous, has been focusing very heavily on OpAssange and has been rather successful. Over the evening, the group successfully took the websites for the Ministry of Education in Ecuador offline as well as the website for the Consulate of Ecuador in New Haven, Connecticut. As of the writing of this brief, the website for the consulate had been restored but the Ministry of Education remained offline. Included in the overnight activity for OpAssange was reconnaissance data for the National Police of Ecuador. Mr. Assange will be standing trial today for violating bail and will then have a hearing on Thursday to determine if he will be extradited to the United States.

Analyst Notes

We will probably see an increase in attempts to attack British organizations during and following today’s trial. Tomorrow after the extradition hearing, there will likely be a shift in activity as well as a possible increase in attacks on Ecuador as they are being seen as guilty for Mr. Assange’s arrest