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FBI Arrests Second Apophis Squad Hacker

Apophis Squad: The FBI arrested a second member of Apophis Squad on Monday in North Carolina.  The FBI arrested 20-year-old Timothy Dalton Vaughn in Winston-Salem after linking him to the monikers “WantedbyFeds,” and “Hacker_R_US.”  The leader of Apophis Squad, 19-year-old George Duke-Cohan, was arrested in Hertfordshire, UK, last August and is currently serving three years in jail.  Apophis Squad was tied to a number of DDoS attacks, phone and email threats against schools, government agencies, and airports.  Law enforcement agencies were able to begin closing in on the group after they made threats against Proton Mail while also using Proton Mails VPN service which quickly narrowed down the list of suspects for law enforcement to investigate.