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FBI Issues Warning to U.S. Based Businesses in Wake of IRGC Being Named a Terrorist Organization

The FBI issued a notice to private industry yesterday in response to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the IRGC, being named an FTO, or Foreign Terrorist Organization. The IRGC has been known for some time now to support terrorist organizations outside of Iran with money, weapons, and training. Following President Trump’s announcement that the IRGC was being designated an FTO, Iran announced that they are designating the U.S. Central Command and associated forces as a terrorist organization. Because of this back and forth, the FBI has issued a warning that elements of the IRGC may begin targeting U.S. based networks, as well as those of the United States’ allies. The IRGC has demonstrated a great ability to adapt their tactics and employ newer methods for greater success.

Analyst Notes

At this time, we assess that U.S. and allied companies with operations located in or near the Middle East are likely to be at the greatest risk.