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First Non-Government Organization Targeted in Response to Assange Arrest

Anonymous (OpAssange): Up to this point, all of the targets of OpAssange have been Government offices or organizations directly tied to the governments of the United States, Ecuador, The United Kingdom, and Sweden. Early this morning, a user calling himself syst3m_D targeted Queen Mary University in London.  Syst3m_D claims to have deleted all of the files from Queen Mary University’s content management system (CMS).  Several screenshots were shared by syst3m_D which appear to support his claim; however, Queen Mary University’s website appears to be completely unaffected.  It is possible that the university was able to quickly roll up a backup of the server, however, no comment has been made at this time by the university.  Whether the attack was successful or not is not nearly as concerning as the claim that the attack took place at all.

Analyst Notes

The claim of an attack on a non-government organization could possibly inspire others to begin targeting non-government organizations.