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Flaw in FastBooking App Exploited by Hackers

A vulnerability in the hotel reservation app, FastBooking, was exploited by hackers and resulted in the exposure of over 124,000 Prince Hotel customers at hundreds of locations on June 15th and 17th. The pilfered information included names, booking information, email addresses, and credit card data. Prince Hotels said that 58,003 customers had personal data stolen, and 66,960 had their credit card information compromised. The breach affected guests who stayed at the hotels between May and August of 2017. A spokesman apologized for the breach and said they are working hard on the investigation and to prevent a reoccurrence.  Modern organizations deploy a plethora of web applications, accessible from any location. These are an easy target for hackers, who can exploit them and gain access to back-end corporate databases,” a security analyst said. The analyst said many similar apps are “always vulnerable,” and urged developers to keep good coding security in mind when creating new applications.