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FSB Contractor Breached, 7.5TB Leaked

0v1ru$: 0v1ru$, a reported hacking group, has managed to breach SyTech, which is a contracting group that has been used by the FSB. The FSB is a Russian intelligence group which carries out tasks similar to the FBI. The group managed to steal 7.5 terabytes of data, including secret internal projects. Some of the projects involved de-anonymizing TOR and social media scraping plans, along with other plans to segregate Russia’s internet from the rest of the world. The group posted pictures of the SyTech servers on their Twitter, then passed the information along to another group. The second group, Digital Revolution, in turn posted the data on their Twitter in great detail, and then shared all 7.5 terabytes with the media. Digital Revolution has targeted the FSB in the past, which is likely why 0v1ru$ shared the information with them–hoping more publicity would come from Digital Revolution sharing the data too. SyTech has taken down their website since the breach was reported. Third party contractors continue to be the biggest security concern for government operations and corporations. Most of the plans that were leaked have been known about or expected, whether they were released through Russia testing them, or other intelligence work. The information in this breach is not what is giving it the publicity but the actual size of the breach is the largest one that has been seen from Russian cyber efforts as well as the targeting of the FSB.