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G20 at Possible Risk of Targeting by Anonymous

The Argentinian government has contracted Israel to provide cyber-security for the upcoming G20 Summit taking place on 30 November in Buenos Aires.  Israel is going to implement both a Cyber Defense Informatics Emergency Response Team (CERT) and a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).  Over the past few weeks, a number of Anonymous members have been focusing heavily on the OpIsrael campaign. Actions taken by members of Anonymous over the past few weeks have included small DDoS attacks, website reconnaissance posted online, and a sharp rise in propaganda posted online.  Some of the actions taken against websites in the name of OpIsrael have made little to no sense, including a recent post of reconnaissance data which was posted online for a Canadian motocross parts supplier and manufacturer.

Analyst Notes

It is possible that members of Anonymous may begin to target organizations in Buenos Aires, especially those with ties to the G20 Summit, as a way of attempting to embarrass Israel.