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Ghost Squad Continues Crusade Against World Governments

The hacktivist group Ghost Squad Hackers have continued their campaign against world governments over the past 24 hours.  The group has hit systems utilized by the governments of Thailand, India, and Zimbabwe.  In the cases of Zimbabwe and India, the group defaced one website belonging to each government–both of which are still currently down.  The group was a bit more extensive in their targeting of the Thai government by targeting 24 Thai websites.  However, this was not nearly as impressive as it sounds, as a number of the websites were not current pages but older pages for major government conferences which were never taken down.  While the attacks were carried out in the name of Ghost Squad Hackers as a whole, the attacks were actually only carried out by three of the group’s nearly 15 members.  The attackers included G4mm4, also commonly referred to as Sam the Haxor, 4l4md4r, and 471k.