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Google Chrome Announces End of Support for Windows 7 and 8.1

Starting February 2023, Google Chrome will end support for any customers that are running Windows 7 and 8.1. After support has ended it is important that all customers run at least Windows 10 to ensure that they stay protected. The end of support from Chrome matches the lifecycle notice that Microsoft has released relating to these two versions of Windows. Windows 7 still represents 10% of all Windows systems worldwide, as 8.1 represents just 2.7%. Google Chrome represents 65% of the browser market share.

Analyst Notes

Ensuring that systems are up to date and stay up to date is a key component of staying protected from cyber threats. When notices such as end of support are released, it is important that anyone running affected systems ensure that they are aware of the timeframe they face and begin the proper steps in upgrading affected systems to newer versions. Anyone that keeps running outdated and unsupported versions maintains a higher risk for becoming a victim of a cyber threat, as security patches for legacy versions are typically not available.