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Google Discloses Hacking Campaign with Windows, Android Targets

Recently, as first reported by Bleeping Computer, Google’s Project Zero identified and revealed a hacking campaign used by a “highly sophisticated actor” which targeted Windows and Android users with zero-day and n-day exploits.  By uncovering two exploit servers used in watering hole attacks, Project Zero researchers were able to uncover several of the exploits used by these threat actors including:

  • Renderer exploits for 4 bugs in Chrome, with one bug being a zero-day.
  • 2 sandbox escape exploits abusing 3 Windows zero-days.
  • A privilege escalation kit used for older versions of Android.

All bugs have since received patches after Project Zero’s discovery.

Analyst Notes

Since zero-days are fairly hard to anticipate, Binary Defense recommends employing a 24/7 SOC monitoring solution (like Binary Defense’s own Security Operations Task Force), as the zero-days may perform file/registry writes that produce alertable events.