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Google Earth Exposes Taiwan’s Private Military Sites

Google Earth received a 3D update in four major cities including Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, and Taichung which inadvertently left the locations of Taiwan’s most secretive military locations available to the public. The update exposed a secluded Patriot missile base located in Ankeng, Taipei and the defense structure of the National Security and Military Intelligence Bureaus. Viewable to the public was the exact location, layout of the base, building structures, and missile launcher locations. The Taiwanese Defense Minister has formed a special task force to work with Google to resolve this issue. In addition, Google has been asked to blur the locations of the bases and Taiwan also said they will be working on strengthening the camouflage of important structures and facilities.

Analyst Notes

Although this issue is being dealt with internally, users who would like their own home removed from Google earth may do so. Users should go to and search for their address and once it is found they should click on the Street View tab. Once the house is found the tab Report a Problem should be clicked. By doing so, users will be taken to the page where they can report an inappropriate street view and asked to have the picture of their home blurred. All that is needed is an email address and a captcha submission.