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Hacker Compromises Perceptics’ Internal Systems and Posts Some Data Publicly

Boris Bullet-Dodger: A hacker going by the name Boris Bullet-Dodger has published internal data from servers belonging to the former Northrop Grumman subsidiary, Perceptics.  Perceptics produces license plate readers, under-vehicle cameras, and driver cameras which are used by U.S., Canadian, and Mexican authorities for law enforcement agencies and to monitor border crossings and even works with Federal databases for “biographic/passport data”.  While the data has not been confirmed as belonging to Perceptics yet, it likely is valid as an employee of Perceptics has confirmed that company systems were compromised.  A small preview of the data was posted online, and a sample was sent by Boris to Motherboard, likely to increase publicity.

Analyst Notes

Boris has previously carried out similar attacks to extort money from victims, which is probably the case here as well. If his ransom demands are not met by Perceptics, it is possible that portions of the stolen data will be posted publicly as incentive for them to pay.