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Hacker Targeting Libyan Government and Militia Supporters With Malware Through Facebook

Unknown: A currently unknown hacker has been using Facebook to target approximately fifty thousand users with various malware.  The hacker utilized at least 30 different pages which were either fraudulent or had been compromised from legitimate accounts to lure users into clicking links to various news articles, videos, and images.  The links were all laden with malware and were used to compromise the personal data of the victims.  Many of the pages were used for sharing details about the Libyan National Army, a militia group which has been fighting the internationally recognized government.  One of the fraudulent accounts claimed to belong to the militia’s leader, Khalifa Haftar.  By focusing their fake accounts on issues surrounding the militia, the hacker was able to easily target both militia supporters and government agencies who followed the page to stay up-to-date on details concerning the militia.  The victims were all located throughout Europe, North Africa, and the United States.    Several documents have been shared online which are believed to be the results of the attack, including secret Libyan government documents, emails, phone numbers, and passport details.

Analyst Notes

Based on the way the hacker wrote and the detailed understanding that they have of the internal politics and events in Libya, the hacker is likely either Libyan or is living in Libya.