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Hackers Breached Gaming Company Electronic Arts, Asking for $28M

Threat actors have breached the network for the gaming company Electronic Arts (EA). The hackers claim to have stolen nearly 750GB of data including game source code and debug tools. EA confirmed the breach and states that it was not a ransomware attack, but a limited amount of data was stolen. The company does not believe that the incident will affect any of its games. Bleeping Computer spoke to the threat actor behind the breach but they declined to comment on how they were able to infiltrate the network. The attackers claim to have access to all of EA’s services, telling customers willing to pay $28 million USD for the stolen data that they will also gain “full capability of exploiting on all EA services.” Screenshots on various hacking forms were put out by the threat actor as proof of the attack.

Analyst Notes

EA is investigating the attack but stated that no player information was accessed by the threat actor. Clients of EA should pay attention to news surrounding this incident to ensure that upon further investigation that their information was not stolen as well. This incident is an example of why companies should have security monitoring in place to prevent attacks, either with an internal Security Operations Center or through a managed security service provider. Binary Defenses Security Operations Task Force works 24/7 to monitor for intrusions and mitigate them before they become data breaches that can impact a company like this.