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Hackers Taking Over Popular Twitter Accounts

ChucklingSquad: A group that is going by the name Chuckling Squad has had their Twitter account suspended after they hacked the Twitter accounts of YouTube and other social media stars. The attacks that were carried out changed the biography section of the accounts to include words like “chuckling” and “chucklingsquad,” allowing the attacker to take credit. In some instances, the group also posted messages on social media, one particular ChucklingSquad uploaded Nazi support messages. A link to a discord server on the hacked accounts also showed screenshots of the attackers having access to the Gmail accounts of the affected users. It is believed that through the flaw of AT&T, the group managed to call in and switch the SIM card of the affected people. The hackers convinced the AT&T employees that they spoke to that they were the victim and to swap the SIM cards–giving the attackers full access to information that was associated with the victims. AT&T is currently facing a separate lawsuit for SIM swapping, in which they are being sued for 224 million dollars.

Analyst Notes

Many people are upset at the lack of trust in AT&T and until this problem can be fully resolved, it is possible that ChucklingSquad will ramp back up under a different name and continue causing havoc on other YouTube accounts and social media stars.