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Hacktivists Continue Response to Israeli Airstrike…Kind Of

Anonymous/LulzSec: Members of Anonymous, NewSec, and LulzSec Argentina have all been actively attempting to target Israel while also trying to encourage others to do the same.  A significant amount of targeting data has been shared online for Israeli websites. While many are websites that would be expected such as the IDF, various law enforcement agencies, and government offices, others may be a little too ambitious for the groups.  Members of Anonymous included websites like Twitter and Google in the target lists for their retaliation against Israel.  No justification for their inclusion on target lists has been given and the only obvious connection is the fact that both websites have Israeli pages.  The sheer volume of data that would be required to take either webpage offline is significantly higher than what is typically seen in DDoS attacks by any of the groups in question.  Members of LulzSec Argentina gained some support and congratulations in various forums last night when they announced that they had taken an Israeli website offline. Unfortunately for LulzSec the website which they targeted never actually existed, making their attack much less impressive.

Analyst Notes

It is not surprising that each of these groups has responded the way that they have, and it is unlikely that we will see a stop in the outcry from hacktivists in the next few days in the wake of the airstrike on Hamas.