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Hacktivists Respond to Israeli Airstrike With Cyber-Attacks

Members of Anonymous and Antifa have taken to social media to express their displeasure with Israel’s use of an airstrike to combat Hamas’ cyber division. NewSec group, an offshoot of Anonymous, launched an attack on what they claimed was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however the domain they listed was actually for the Ministry of Finance, and for a subpage that does not exist. Anyone who wanted to follow the link they posted to see if the site was still down would receive a message saying that the site was unavailable and assume it must still be under attack. Another attacker going by the name Lous666 claimed to have taken down the websites for the Israeli Lands Authority, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, the Antitrust Authority, and the Central Bureau of Statistics. All of these sites were back online when checked shortly after the claim of “tango down” was posted. Israel’s use of a physical attack in response to a cyber-attack has sparked a great amount of debate around the world regarding the future of cyber-warfare

Analyst Notes

It is not surprising that this event has caught the interest of hacktivists and will probably lead to continued outcry and attacks by hacktivists over the coming days.