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iDealwine Confirms Data Breach

French online wine retailer iDealwine suffered a data breach recently. The company has not disclosed the total number of impacted individuals, but the affected data was mentioned in the company’s blog post. While the company states that they cannot confirm the information was compromised, IDealwine has reached out to potentially impacted individuals in order to let these customers know that their name, address, telephone number and email address were possibly stolen. Payment information appears to be safe since iDealwine does not store it on their servers. Cybersecurity professionals have been contacted and are assisting iDealwine with their investigation, and it’s likely that more information is released when that investigation concludes.

Analyst Notes

Individuals that were potentially affected have an increased likelihood of becoming targets of phishing attempts. iDealwine has advised their customers to not respond to emails or open their attachments if they are unfamiliar of the source. Customers can reach out to iDealwine if they have any issues, and they claim their team will assist. Although passwords were encrypted, a good precautionary step would be to change those passwords, and make sure passwords aren’t reused on other sites, especially those containing sensitive information.

iDealwine suffers a data breach