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IMP4GT Attack Targets 4G Networks

Ruhur-Universität Bochum researchers have seen a new attack that targets 4G networks and allows attackers to operate as a user. Research reveals that IMP4GT affects any device that uses LTE to communicate, including phones, tablets, and other IoT devices. Two different variants of the attack have been seen and are conducted in uplink and downlink. If executed correctly, attackers can make fraudulent transactions, download malicious apps, subscribe to different services, visit malicious sites, and leak information.

Analyst Notes

According to researchers, the only viable method of mitigation would be to change the hardware. Bochum says they are attempting to close the security gap in the latest mobile communication standard 5G. “However, mobile network operators would have to accept higher costs, as the additional protection generates more data during the transmission. In addition, all mobile phones would have to be replaced and the base station expanded. That is something that will not happen in the near future,” researcher David Rupprecht stated.