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Increased OpIsrael Activity Being Carried Out by Members of Anonymous

An Anonymous member who goes by the name NewAnonWorld, has been targeting Israeli organizations over the past few days.  Since October 4th, they have attacked five Israeli websites, though none of the websites remained offline for long.  While they used the OpIsrael banner for their attacks, the majority of their online activity is more in support of Palestine and the Gaza Strip rather than being strictly anti-Israeli.  Of all of the websites that they claimed to have attacked, the only site of any real consequence was the Israeli Airport Authority, which they claimed to have taken offline for over three hours. However, there is no evidence to support this claim.  Anonymous has typically utilized the OpIsrael banner for their annual attack on Israel on April 7th, however it is becoming more and more popular to use the OpIsrael banner throughout the rest of the year in support of OpFreePalestine and OpGaza.  We will likely see this tread continue.