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Instagram Being Used as a Platform to Sell Botnets

It’s recently been discovered that cybercriminals are blatantly selling botnets that are capable of performing DDoS attacks on social media, specifically Instagram. Not only are they selling critical hacking tools, stolen Fortnite and Spotify accounts have also been seen for sale as well. This has brought concern as to how content is monitored and distributed on social media platforms because users are not being shy about it–with one user even posting his botnet control panel and requesting people to contact him for spots. The stolen Fortnite and Spotify accounts are not uncommon to be sold, but they were usually done underground and now have been seen all over Instagram. Hackers have developed an entire community on social media platforms. Although Instagram is aware of this activity, nothing has been done yet. There are plans to remove any content violating their terms but it is assumed the malicious content sellers will find a way around these parameters.