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IoT Provider Sierra Wireless Hit with Ransomware

Less than a month ago on March 20th, 2021, Sierra Wireless suffered a ransomware attack which caused production of their IoT devices to stop. While the customer-facing products themselves were not affected, their corporate website and internal network were. The company tasked the incident response firm KPMG with the responsibility of uncovering more information about the incident. While investigations are still ongoing, Sierra Wireless has chosen to refrain from naming the threat group behind the attack, and they’ve also made no mention of whether information was stolen or not. Although their internal systems are still being worked on, the corporate website has been brought back online and the company does not expect any other fixes to be necessary.

Analyst Notes

While Sierra Wireless has chosen not to release information about the attack at this time, customers should still be on the lookout for phishing emails and other attempts to trick them into giving out personal information. It is likely the company will bolster their security efforts in the future. Binary Defense suggests pairing anti-virus solutions with an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platform.