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Iran Cyber Attacks Towards US Being Used for More Than Just Stealing Data

Iran:  With the increase in reports of different cyber-attacks being swapped between the US and Iran, the Department of Homeland Security has issued an alert. The alert outlines what has been reported in the past few days pertaining to the increase in phishing attacks that have been seen from Iran. Although these have already been reported on, it is important to outline that the newest reports are stating that these phishing campaigns are not typical phishing campaigns. “Wiper” attacks, which are designed to not just steal information from an infected computer but rather destroy the whole network are being carried out as well. These attacks can be distributed in forms of spear phishing attacks, credential stuffing, and password spraying attacks. Simple account breaches from the surface, are now becoming an even more daunting task on the company with these breaches, as the simple breach attack can now infect the entire network of a company.

Analyst Notes

With the tensions between the US and Iran still elevated, it is possible that Iran will continue to carry out these types of attacks against US entities. The last phishing campaign that was seen from Iran, called SamSam, targeted the healthcare industry due to its susceptibility. B, but, this does not mean that all industries should not be at a higher awareness of the growing tension and possible threat to public and private companies.