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“Iranian” Hackers Deface Macon County Illinois Webpage

Mamad: An “Iranian” hacker that goes by the name Mamad has defaced the Macon County webpage for the state of Illinois. The hacker placed an image of a Guy Fawkes mask on the page with an Iranian flag behind it. If the image was clicked, the user would be sent to the attacker’s Instagram page, which currently does not have any posts and only four followers. The defacement also includes the message, “Hacked by Iranian Hackers. Hacked by Mamad Warning. We are always closer to you. Your identity is known to us. Your information is for us 😉 take care.” The reasoning behind the defacement is not known, and the county managed to restore their webpage within a few hours, but at the time of this article, a search for the website revealed the title in a Google Search as “Hacked by Mamad Warning.” Mamad also claimed responsibility for the attack on a Tennessee water department. There have been no reports that the group managed to steal any information during the attacks

Analyst Notes

Since this is the second attack by the attacker that has been carried out the same way, it is possible they will continue attacks. The group previously referred to themselves as Persian, but it is important to note that these attacks are not likely backed by the Iranian Government.