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Iranian Nuclear Energy Agency Becomes Target of Hacktivist Group

The Black Reward hacktivist group has claimed to have gained access to the email servers of a subsidiary of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization. The group says they have exfiltrated 324 inboxes comprising over 100,000 messages and totaling over 50GB of files that include information such as construction plans for a nuclear power plant, personal information of Iranians who work for the organization, and passport details of Russian engineers who assist Iran’s nuclear power efforts. The Iranian Atomic Energy Organization has disputed the claims of Black Reward and stated that this was simply a media stunt. Black Reward has started posting information from the leak to prove otherwise. Iran has been at the center of world controversy and likely will continue to be. More attacks like these will likely be seen in the near future.

Analyst Notes

Black Reward’s intention is not to have any type of monetary gain, but rather to expose corrupt activity. Being at the center of world controversy has opened Iran up to the possibility of more attacks of this style. Binary Defense analysts will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as necessary.