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ISIS Attempting to Rebuild Cyber Division

ISIS: ISIS appears to be making another push to rebuild their decimated cyber division.  This time though, the group appears to be starting small with more realistic goals in mind.  The group has been putting out bulletins once again to educate their followers and supporters on how to properly encrypt their communications, as well as ways to protect themselves online.  The latest security bulletin has focused heavily on the Microsoft BlueKeep Bug and how it could affect their supporters.  The group has also put together tutorials on fundraising with cryptocurrency and using online anonymity tools.  After multiple failed attempts to rebuild their cyber division to the status it once held under the late Abu Hussain al Britani, the group appears to by trying a slower approach.  Building their followers’ understanding of basic information security first could help the group rebuild their international communications and coordination abilities before moving back towards cyber-attacks.  ISIS has tried and failed multiple times since Abu Hussain al Britani was killed in a drone strike to rebuild their cyber-offensive capabilities.

Analyst Notes

While it is possible that this will become yet another failed attempt, their plans to begin with basic education will likely improve their chances of at least rebuilding global communications for their supporters to a more useful level again.