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ISIS May Have Begun Raising New Cyber-Army

ISIS: ISIS Cyber-Division has been nearly nonexistent since they lost significant portions of land in Iraq and Syria last year.  Following this loss of territory and strength, many of ISIS’ hackers went quiet, and others returned to the groups they were part of prior to joining the jihadist organization.  ISIS has since focused on other regions where they have been hoping to increase the strength of their forces again.  This weekend the British media outlet, The Times, published an article about a teenage ISIS bride who is now attempting to return to Britain.  Within hours of the article being published, the outlet suffered a widespread outage which lasted for several hours.

There are a number of smaller groups within the regions in Southeast Asia, where ISIS have been consolidating their forces, which are Muslim and could easily be influenced by a well-known group like ISIS.  Many of these smaller groups, which are believed to be the most susceptible to ISIS’ influence, have very limited capabilities but would likely be able to carry out a simple DDoS attack.

Analyst Notes

It is possible that this was the work of one of these smaller groups and could possibly be the beginning of the reforming of the ISIS Cyber-Division.