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Iznaye Cyber Team Carries Out First Attack on U.S. in OpAssange

Iznaye Cyber Team: A Russian hacktivist group calling themselves Iznaye Cyber Team may have carried out the first attack on the U.S. as part of OpAssange.  A member of the group who calls himself Blue Dragon has claimed that he has “hacked” the government of Michigan, the Department of Justice, Billings County in North Dakota, the Arkansas Department of Transportation, the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and the California State License Board.  None of the websites that Blue Dragon claimed to have hacked were defaced or taken offline at all, however, information was posted which Blue Dragon claims came from their servers.  The vast majority of the “hacked data” appears to be completely unrelated to the websites it is purported to have come from or is nothing but publicly available contact information.  In one case, the information was a list of unlabeled information which appears to bear little value. In another, the data dump contains nothing more than ownership information for parcels of land–information which is publicly available from county auditor’s offices around the nation.  While all of these “hacked” claims were made with an association to both OpUS and OpAssange, only the Department of Justice has any connection to the arrest of Julian Assange or the case against him.  Blue Dragon carried out these attacks early this morning in rapid succession and has indicated that he intends to continue these attacks.

Analyst Notes

It is possible that we will see further attacks from Blue Dragon or other members of Iznaye over the coming days.