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Japan Plans Five-Year Cyber-Attack on its Own People

Japan: In an odd twist, Japan’s Minster of Cyber-Security, Yoshitaka Sakurada, has announced an unprecedented method for ensuring better cyber-security for Japan’s citizens and corporations. Next week he will launch a cyber-attack on IoT devices in Japan.   A law that was passed under more than a little controversy last May give Mr. Sakurada and his department the authority to carry out the “test of the nation’s vulnerability” next week.  The “test” will last for five years and will test to see how many IoT devices the government can gain access to through various means including checking for devices with no password protection or poor password strength.  While the test will no doubt help to highlight and hopefully decrease the level of complacency that many have when it comes to a large number of IoT devices, it will not discriminate against any devices–corporations, government agencies, and civilians are all fair game for the “security test.”

Analyst Notes

No details have been released yet on what limitations, if any, will be imposed on the test after gaining access to IoT devices. Anyone traveling to Japan, and any organization with offices in Japan are encouraged to review the security of their IoT devices to ensure that they do not suffer any negative impacts of this test.