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John Wick E-book Scam Hits Amazon Kindle Store

Fans of the John Wick series who search for content on Kindle are being targeted via fake e-books. The e-books are disguised with the cover for the third movie and when a user makes the purchase, they are sent to a site where they are asked to pay to watch the movie. Forty of these e-books were uploaded on Kindle from January 25th to February 2nd with different authors for each, and a price range of £0.99 to £15.25. As previously stated, when users click the links inside their e-books they are taken to the site “Livemovie[.]xyz/play[.]php?movie=458156” and once they attempt to log in and play the movie, they are again redirected. This ultimately sends them in circles, but their movie is nowhere to be found, making the money they spent useless. Amazon has been informed of this situation, but this is not the only fake e-book campaign they are facing.

Analyst Notes

Users should avoid following links within their e-books until the situation is resolved. If something is found as suspicious users should report their findings to Amazon and request follow-up information on how to deal with the issue.