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Jokeroo Ransomware Exit Scam

Jokeroo is a service known as a Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) which allows cybercriminals to distribute the ransomware, then collect a percentage of the received ransom payments. Jokeroo RaaS offers multiple membership levels ranging from $90-$600 and states that a basic membership will pay 85% of ransom payments. What is new is that the originators of the Jokeroo service are now performing what is called an exit scam. An exit scam is when the business stops operating for its clients and walks away with the member’s deposit providing them with zero gain. The Jokeroo RaaS site is claiming that their databases have been seized by the Royal Thai Police (RTP) in partnership with Europol and the Dutch National Police (DNP). Researchers have reached out to the three agencies for confirmation and Europol has denied the fact that they were involved.

Analyst Notes

Users should be aware that hacking programmers are providing this service to would-be attackers in an attempt to monetize their programs and let a third party take the blame. These style of attacks are on the rise and users should verify that their ransomware detection software is up to date. Users should also have secure backups of their files.