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Joker’s Stash Carding Website Temporarily Disrupted

Joker’s Stash, the notorious carding site that has been operating for years to sell stolen credit and debit cards, was taken offline according to researchers at Digital Shadows. The early reports of Joker’s Stash being taken offline were discussed on a Russian hacking forum, where a screenshot of the takedown was posted, claiming that the FBI and Interpol were responsible for the action. This claim was not supported by any official press release from law enforcement, however. The website utilized many domains and originally saw its blockchain DNS sites taken down, which were followed shortly after by the Darknet mirrors of the website. A representative of Joker’s Stash posted on another Russian hacking forum letting people know that the site was only temporarily disrupted and that he would be posting new links daily to the website. He stated that originally the proxy server for the .bazar website had been taken down but they confirmed that the proxy server did not have any user or victim data on it. The representative did not confirm whether or not it was law enforcement that took them down originally.

Analyst Notes

Though it is not clear whether law enforcement did take down the website at this time, it would not be the first time a website faked a website seizure in an attempt to perpetrate an exit scam and take all of the cryptocurrency that was deposited by criminal users of the site. The representative of the website did state that they would continue to update new links on the Darknet until they sort out what is happening. As of this writing, researchers at Binary Defense have observed new blockchain DNS domain names for Joker’s Stash that are online. Joker’s Stash is known for selling stolen credit card data from many different types of breaches and card skimming tactics.

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