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Killnet Targets German Entities with DDoS Attacks

Various German airports, public administration bodies, and financial sector organizations were targeted in a widescale DDoS campaign. According to the Federal Cyber Security Authority (BSI), the attacks have been attributed to the Russian hacktivist group Killnet. Some websites associated with the organizations mentioned above were unavailable for a period of time, but there was no other impact to the organizations’ services. Killnet likely targeted these German entities due to Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s statement that he would send resources to Ukraine in an effort to ward off further Russian advancement. Germany will likely be on high alert for impending cyberattacks given the fact that this attempt was rather unsuccessful, and they still intend to assist the Ukrainian military.

Analyst Notes

DDoS attacks can have devastating consequences if performed successfully. The use of the internet will not go away, and with the world increasingly going more digital, the likelihood of DDoS attempts will continue to grow. It is important to dedicate resources towards protecting against these types of attacks with a vigilant DDoS mitigation approach.